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Hail to the King of Sneakers: Michael Jordan's Nike Air Jordan Retro Time

Dec 24, 2011

See four of my favorite Nike Air Jordan shoes:

You need a how to manual on owning one of these sneakers. After all, these shoes are collector's items. What you definitely need to find out is where to buy a pair.

Purchase a PDF copy of "Hail to the King of Sneakers: Michael Jordan's Nike Air Jordan Retro Time"

Brief review:

Read the history of the sneakers That CauseShoppers To Stampede, Large Crowds To Uproar and Go into a Frenzy, Police Officers and Security to Use Pepper Spray to Gain Control Retail Managers To Be Held Hostage with their Goods, Students To Skip School Just To Be The First in Line, Furious and Rowdy Sneaker Collectors Ready to Shove, Throw Punches, Outbid Each Other, Even Discharge a Firearm or Resort to Illegal Tactics Such As Posse Placements and Marijuana Smoking Just To Create an Edge and Purchase a few Pairs, Fathers and Mothers To Abandon Kids and Brace the Elements


References: Special Notes: 1. Nike Air Jordan, Nike Air Jordan XI Concord, and the shoes above are either trademarks or special products editions of Nike Inc. The photos used in this work of reality-based fiction belong to the company. They are only used here for illustration purposes only. Some of the pairs belong to all of us. As a corporation, Nike always promotes safety and security in the sale of its products. 2. Michael Jordan played for the Chicago Bulls until his retirement. He is a much respected businessman who takes up golf in his retirement. His trademark moves and products are often well received by the mass.