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InternationalJobBoard: Teachers and Regular Job Seekers Can Post Resume and Job Ads From BrazilJobBoard to Korea/ChinaJobBoards

Jan 15, 2012

Did you know that many foreign countries are looking for English as a second language (ESL) and English as a foreign language (EFL) teachers? Countries such as Japan, South Korea, and China are recruiting for their TESOL and TEFL programs. If you have the right liberal art degrees, these countries need you. If you have been laid off from your teaching position, then you can find great international ESL + EFL teaching job possibilities.

French, Spanish and other Ethnic language teachers often find great teaching opportunities in other countries. If you fall in this category, you can also use this service. You can post a job ad below.

Korea, Thailand, Japan, and China Job Wanted Resume Board on FrenchLessonPodcast and HaitianCreoleMP3 Institue

FrenchLessonPodcast's ESL + EFL Cafe Board wants to help you get connected. On this board, we will post your job wanted ads and all related teaching jobs. To have your teaching jobs listed on this board, you have to pay first then email us your Job AD and Resume at FrenchLessonPod [at]Gmail dot Com ( The Job Ad stays online for 30 days!!!!You can always renew your post by paying again.

Job Listing: You can list your available jobs with us. Please make sure to provide us with your contact information.

Once you have submitted your Job Listing and Job Ad to us, we will post them
on this podcast in the "TESL+TEFL International Job Board." We will also mention your search
in the next show production.

Job Listing: Post Your Job Ad: Pay to Place 1 Job Ad

Job Wanted Resume and Job Ad Board

Post 2 or more Job Ads: Payment with Drop-down Menu.Post any job ads

All Job Ads run for 30 days!

Place your Job AD

Teachers Post Resume for Free on

Teachers can post their resume for Free on this podcast. Their resume will also be mentioned at least once in the next podcast show.

Go to BrazilJobBoard / LatinAmericaJobListing

Visit AsiaJobBoard: China / Korea Job Board

So, submit your resume in the body of your email message to us. No attachments will be accepted. Post your resume in the comment area below. You can also email your resume at FrenchLessonPod [at]Gmail dot Com []

Disclaimer: FrenchLessPodcast's ESL+EFL Cafe Board wants you to use due dilligence
when applying for overseas teaching positions.
Stay away from any schools and recruiters asking you to pay fees.

Teachers' Scam Avoidance Notes:

    Do not pay a fee to schools or recruiters! If fees are requested, stay away!

This service is provided as is. FrenchLessonPodcast's ESL+EFL Cafe Board is only a neutral platform which you can use to find potential teaching job opportunities in many Asian countries and the rest of the world. You can choose to use this platform to connect with potential schools and teaching English language programs or employers. FrenchLessonPodcast's ESL+EFL Cafe Board will not be responsible for your lack of due dilligence.