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Jersey Shore Partygoers and Hurricane Sandy Refugees Meet High-class, High-society Snobbery in the Hamptons: Josh C. Beckford's New e-Book

Jun 2, 2013

Jersey Shore Boozy Invaders, Hurricane Sandy Refugees, and Day Trippers Run to The Old Money, High-Class Snobbery, Upbringing, and Exclusivity of the Hamptons Indian Wells Beach and Mega-mansion Residents

Jersey Shore Young Party-goers and Day Trippers Hit High-Class and High-Society Snobbery of the Hamptons andBeyond

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Jersey Shore partyers and religious beachgoers have found a new place to crash for their Summer Vacation. The sun, beach, and exclusive lifestyle of the Hamptons are the main reasons they are heading there this holiday season.

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After all, the sand is fine. The weather and background are gorgeous. Most importantly, the regular revelers have a great body they are willing to show off. With shirt or shirtless, they are ready to take over the beach of the Hamptons. The beachfront residents of the area are not ready to let these new pleasure seekers take over their fun back yards. They are screaming from the top of their lungs from the beach to the council members’ office. They are attending community meetings where they are shouting invectives in order to change things. They are pushing the politicians to take measures banding packed vans and busloads of partyers and day trippers from invading their access to the sea. They forget that the ocean belongs to everybody. The residents of Indian Wells Beach and any where else in Hamptons are not the only ones who feel this way. Some beachfront entries are blocked in California and Florida where the celebrities live. They want to block the access of the regular men and women.

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The old money set of the Hamptons corporate dwellers are shaking their heads. They do not seem to understand where they went wrong. They knew that they could not stop the entry of the nouveau riches, those celebrities loaded with money do not need to be on the inside to join what appears to have been a very exclusive club. The partyers of Jersey Shore and the DJs are ready to bring the fun to the backyard of the traditional rich. They care about music, high fashion, and body type. They care about the present. They care about now. They have the booze and generator to pump up the music. They have the gadgets and are connected through social media. They throw the parties on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and others. They are a group of savvy Internet and social media users.

In this e-book, Josh C. Beckford shows how technology and access to money breaks down the barriers of class, race, and ethnicity. The Jersey Shore has been taking a taste of the beauty of life in the Hamptons. They are willing to party and enjoy the beach. These Jersey Shore revelers are saying goodbye to the class and high-society snobbery common amidst the residents of most American communities.

From Seaside Park and Seaside Heights, New Jersey andBeyond To Amagansett's Indian Wells Beach and East Hampton Montauk orMontaukett

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Purchase a copy of this e-book right on this site right: here