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Klindle or KindleLindle or LindleKindle or Linsanity Digital eBooks: All the Titles and Quotes About Jeremy Lin's eBooks Craze

Feb 23, 2012

A New Winning Season: New York Jeremy Lin-Sanity – E. Manning, LinCredible, JPP, Mario, Tuck, Tebow, Cruz, Baby!(How to Live Before You Die) by Joseph J. Charles and Jacob J. Columbo: “This short poetry and essay book gives you the words to describe the emotions that found you speechless. No more will you say that you could not find the right words to express your joy watching how a long-forgotten but great basketball player, Jeremy Lin, is gaining new fans every day. ”

Linsanity: The Improbable Rise of Jeremy Lin by Alan Goldsher: “In the first-ever ebook examination of Jeremy Lin’s brief, magical career, novelist and sportswriter Alan Goldsher (ESPN Magazine, invites you to join the Linsanity and meet Jeremy Lin, the first Chinese-American to play in the NBA, the inspiring young man who made the phrase “Linning Time” part of the sports lexicon, and the man bringing pure joy back to professional basketball.”

Linsanity! The Jeremy Lin Story by Scott Marsh: “Jeremy Lin is one of today’s most exciting sports stories. Where did he come from? How did no one notice him until his unexpected and meteoric rise to fame and success? Find out the truth and little-known facts behind Linsanity in this book retelling his story, from his humble beginnings in Palo Alto, to his all-star worthy performances in New York.”

Jeremy Lin: Advice from Sun Tzu on Basketball and the Art of War!!! by Jacob Tudor Baruch: “If the great Sun Tzu, legendary author of the ancient military text “THE ART OF WAR,” was alive today, what life and strategy advice would he impart upon his great Chinese descendant, Jeremy Lin? What timeless principles of ancient Chinese warfare can Jeremy Lin use to explode ‘Linsanity’ further and drive the New York Knicks to even greater victories?”

Jeremy Lin Trivia & Facts by NBA Fans: “Jeremy Lin is a NBA player who has captured attention and wowed basketball fans in his first NBA Six starts.”

The Zen of Jeremy Lin: 17 Nuggets of Wisdom from Confucius to Jeremy Lin about Basketball and Life by Jacob Tudor Baruch: “If the great Chinese philosopher, Confucius, were alive today what life changing advice on the art of leadership and living a life of significance would he share with all of us and his great Chinese descendant, Jeremy Lin? In this life changing e-pamphlet (which should take you less than 17 minutes to read) you will learn what basketball and life wisdom Confucius would share with Jeremy and the rest of us if he suddenly woke up from his grave and spoke.”

The Ultimate Jeremy Lin Fun Facts And Trivia Book by Mark Peters: “The Ultimate Jeremy Lin Fun Fact and Trivia Book contains more than 100 pieces of trivia, little known information, and fun facts about the New York Knicks point guard. This is perfect for you if you are curious about your favorite player, want to impress your co-workers, need information for a trivia contest, or even if you want to win a bet or two with family or friends.”

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