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Apr 25, 2010

Due to the overwhelming abuse and the fact that some users download the lessons and republish them on their own websites without giving any credit, thereby attracting and building traffic away from, I am going to limit some of the free downloads.  From now on, you will be able to get the lessons for a reduced price as directed by the links I will post with each lesson preview.

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Support independent publishing: Buy this multimedia on Lulu.

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Partial List of Creole Vowels

Vwayèl Kreyol – Creole Vowels


a – auh, like in Cat (chat), bat (chauvesouri, to beat, to defeat), glass (vit) like in papa – dad; marasa – twins or jimo /jimel - twins

e - ay (1st 1/2 of long a in say)  like in Kreyol ‘Ki jan ou ye? (how are you?)

è - eh (e in let, bet) Kreyol: Talò = Talè – in a few, in a short time, Vòlè - thief

i - ee (ee in see, week, seed)

o - o (1st 1/2 of long o in go) ; like in Kreyol ‘Dodo’ – baby talk for sleep

ò - (o in or, bore, core) like in Kreyol ‘kò’ – body; lò - gold

ay - i (i in ice, lice, rice) say ‘kay – house, bay – to give’

ou - oo (o in move, movie)

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