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Dec 4, 2012

Listen to the eye-witness audio story of 11-year-old Carline "Fear and Prayer in Chaotic Times: I saw my mother pulling Jesus down to her from heaven." Part of this story was first serialized on It is the first twitterbook story to be published on AmazonKindle. Not only can you listen to it here but you can also purchase the accompanying text from Kindle. For those of you who did not about the recent fiction festival that was held by Twitter. Writers were selected from many countries of the world. From November 28 to December 2, 2012, each one of them was presenting their story on twitter. The public was also invited to submit their own story. I joined in as a member of the general public with Carline's story.

"Fear and Prayer in Chaotic Times..." is now available on Amazon Kindle. Purchase a copy to follow the reading. It has become part of our 'English and Haitian Creole Reading Series.'

You can choose to make a donation to Carline's Writing Projects:

Purchase a PDF copy of the above story now

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