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Sep 2, 2014

Tap Tap, Madan Sara ak Plezi Ete an Ayiti - Tap Tap, Madam Sara and Summer Pleasures of Haiti, (A new ebook available on Purchase your copy right on now!)

Madan Sara merchants are the principal accumulators, movers, and distributors of domestic produce in Haiti

Book Review

"Tap Tap, Madan Sara ak Plezi Ete an Ayiti – Tap Tap, Madam Sara and Summer Pleasures of Haiti" is a book for everyone who has experienced the colorful and amazing beauty of Haiti. In this ebook, authors Joseph J. Charles and Jean Baptiste Laferriere present a list of activities that build ultimate memories of spending summer in Haiti: Pran Woulib sou Tap Tap, Bwè Kafe ak Chokola; Manje Griyo; Manje Anana; Bwè Ji Grenadin, Kachiman, Kenèp, Zabriko, Chadèk, Kowozòl, Grenad, Grenadya, Gwayav, Labapen, Papay, Pòm Kajou, Rezen, Sapoti, Mango, Zanmann, Zaboka, Seriz, Monte Kamyon, Rakonte Istwa, Keyi Kalbas ak Kayimit, Ale sou Plaj ak Rivyè, Bat Kòk nan Gagè/Gadyè. (Translated: Taking a Tap Tap Ride, Drinking Coffee and Chocolate; Eating fried pork; Eating Pineapple, Drinking Passion Fruit Juice, Custar Apple, Quenettes, Apricot, Grapefruit, Soursoup, Pomegrenade/Grenada, Guava, Breadfruit/Sugar Apple, Papaya, Cashew, Sea Grapes, Mamey, Mango, Almond, Avocado, Cherry; Climbing Dump Trucks; Telling Stories; Picking Calebasse/calabash and Star Apple; Going to the Beach and Rivers; Cockfighting in the Gallera Gallodrome Rink.)

Riding a Tap Tap to Petionville, Nazon, Delmas, and Carrefour is one of the best summer pleasures of Haiti. Then, buying fresh fruits, seafood, and vegetables from Madan Sara who work so hard to bring them from the rural provinces is unforgettable.