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Le Bisou ou La Bise: The Mystery Around the 'Famous French Kiss' Explained at LaBaguetteFrenchLesson Podcast

Dec 4, 2010

Find out more about how this mystery was solved or was it ever one? Why do French-speaking or French-influenced cultures and people kiss each other on the cheek or use a closer space than Americans or other ethnic groups do? How many times can a friend kiss you on the cheek in the French culture? From Haiti to Louisiana (Cajuns) to Canada, France and Belgium, find out when to kiss or to shake hands! exists to help you learn another important language, French.

Learn the language and about the countries that speak French. Welcome to the world of Francophonie! Now why do we teach French when teaching Kreyol? These two languages are inseparable. One is tied to the other. To better appreciate the Haitian experience and history, we have to teach French. You can soon find an app in the Apple store and iTunes pertaining to LaBaguetteFrenchLesson Podcast App!

Bonne Chance a vous tous!