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Worldwide Haitian Creole Lessons

Jul 18, 2010

Many users of this podcast have been asking me for private Creole lessons. They are interested in getting more out of their Haitian Creole language learning. They are mostly the advanced users of this podcast. I have been listening and paying close attention to your request. Now for the first time, I am available to provide Creole lessons online via Worldwide Haitian Creole Classes. The lessons are not free of course. However, you can negotiate your way to an affordable price. So for the right price, I am available to teach you Haitian Culture and Language as soon as you are available. Visit Worldwide Haitian Creole Classes now. Whether you speak Spanish, French and English, I will be able to teach Haitian Creole in no time!

Interested in Learning Haitian Creole? Buy Your Textbook or Workbook, Pay then Text your request!

Text Your Language Request/ Manden un texto para ordenar at/al 1559 202 0740 Email now!

Teaching Haitian Creole from / Ensenando Kreyol Haitiano Desde Central California, Los Angeles, San Francisco and beyond....

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