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Jan 27, 2011

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Jan 27, 2011

Quick Review of Basic Haitian Creole Grammar Rules

Haitian Creole orthography follows its pronunciation. It is composed mostly of these sounds: a, ay, an, b, ch, d, e, è, en, f, g, h, I, j, k, l, m, n, ng/y, o, ò, on, ou, oun, p, r, s, t, ui, v, w, y, z

There are no mute letters in Kreyòl

Haitian Creole: Vowels


Inspired by Rosa Parks's Courage and Sitting on the Bus: 100 New and Selected Poems To Confront Current Hard Times

Jan 17, 2011

Inspired by Rosa Parks's Courage and Sitting on the Bus (v.4) is an inspirational book of poetry that compels us to look back and forward to find signs of inspiration in our lives and current difficult times. This book of poetry has 100 new and selected poems published solely for your edification and uplifting. Find...

Jan 15, 2011

Alavèy Nouvèl Ane Epi Fèt Endepandans Ayiti :: On New Year’s Eve And Haiti’s Independence Celebration

Find all the text right here

Tout moun ap prepare yo pou y-al banboche, pran gwo plezi. Nowèl fin pase. Tout timoun fin resevwa kado yo. Granmoun pa gen anpil tan pou yo repoze. Fòk yo fè pwovizyon pou Premye...

Welcome to La Baguette French Lesson! Free French Lesson For Your Travels to French-Speaking Countries

Jan 13, 2011

We would like to welcome you to our French Lesson Podcast today.  La Baguette French Lesson exists to help you learn one of the most beautiful languages of the world.  We will focus mostly on the influence of French in the Americas,  Le Français en Amérique!  We will take a look at the role and world of Francophonie...