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Haitian Kay Game: Tout Jwet Timoun Ayisyen : All Haitian Childrens Exclusive and Authentic Games and Toys

Nov 25, 2010


Tout Jwèt Timoun Ayisyen. Jwèt - Toy, game. Haitian Kay Game

Familiarize yourself with the toys and games that Haitian Children have been playing all along. Learn how to play 'Kay,' a hole game. Use Paypal to buy a copy of the textbook and Play Kay Supplies now! The Supplies are only mailed out to the person who purchases copies of this book via Paypal


Find out all the other games played by children and specially Haitian Children

Use this link to purchase a copy of this booklet: Support independent publishing: Buy this multimedia on Lulu.

Support independent publishing: Buy this multimedia on Lulu.

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