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Nov 18, 2010

We realize that Haiti has two official languages: French and Kreyol. In order to prepare you for your visit to Haiti and any other French-speaking country, we have to provide you with some French lessons. We wish you good luck with your learning of one of the most beautiful languages in the world. Bear in mind that you are only getting a free sample with each lesson. We invite you to click on Google Checkout to purchase and download the full episode below.

Learn French with Mr. Joseph J. Charles. Visit LaBaguetteFrenchLesson Podcast Episodes and blog to find this episode's vocabulary. The accompanying La Baguette French textbook -Learn French in No Time! will be made available soon.

Here is a sample of a dialogue among friends:

Jacques: Salut! – Hello (Kreyòl : Alo)

François: Salut! – Hello (Kreyòl : Alo)

Jacques: Je m’appelle Jacques. Comment t’appelles-tu? – My name is Jacques. What’s your name ? (Kreyòl : M rele Jak. Kòman ou rele ? )

François: Je m’appelle François. – My name is Francois – (Kreyòl : M rele Franswa)

Jacques: Comment ça va ? - How are you doing ? (Kreyòl : Sa-k Pase ?)

François : ça va bien, merci. Et toi ? I am doing well and you ? (Kreyòl :Sa va byen. E ou menm?)

Jacques : Comme ci, comme ça . – So, so. (Kreyòl : Pa pi byen ni pi mal or Nèg ap gade san pran)

French Lesson Notes:

Greet others with “Bonjour,” “Salut,” in the morning or when parting or “Bonsoir” in the evening. If you are talking to your friend, use the informal personal pronoun “tu” instead of the more formal “vous.”

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