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Haitian Creole MP3 Lessons For iPad, iPods, iPhone4, Zune HD, and Other MP3 Players by Subscription Only!

Sep 29, 2010

Creole MP3 Lessons By Subscription Only: Haitian Creole APP For iPhone, iPod, Zune HD, and Other MP3 Players


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Sep 21, 2010

Bienvenidos a la leccion #6, El Bicentenario de Mexico!  Pueden bajar esta leccion gratis de

Sep 20, 2010

Listen to two free samples of Hymns or poems written specially to be performed. You can purchase a copy of this new Haitian hymn /poem book at

If you are interested in this new book, you can purchase a copy right on

Sep 16, 2010

Follow this reading with the textbook "Ann Pale Yon Ti Kreyol..." in hand.  


Sigan esta lectura con el manual "Ann Pale Yon Ti Kreyol...." en la mano.


Get more at

Sep 5, 2010

This song is from "Chants D'Esperance Francais," the Haitian Hymnal book used by most Haitian churches. In Haiti, we speak two languages: French and Creole. On this MP3, you will listen to 3 languages. I will sing the song in French. I will give an introduction in English and Kreyol. To find more randomly sung hymns in...