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Feb 18, 2010

Learn Haitian Creole Body Parts.


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Thanks for learning Haitian Creole with Mr. Charles.  He can be reached at


This was an excerpt from Mr. Charles's upcoming textbook which you can find at

Learn Body Parts in Haitian Creole (Medical Creole)

Feb 17, 2010


Kò Moun An Kreyòl - Human Body in Creole


Pati Nan Kò Moun - Body Parts


Tèt - Head


Chevé - Hair


Zórèy - Ears


Kou - Neck


Jé / Zyé - Eyes


Dlo nan Jé (Literally water in eyes) - Tears


Po Zyé/ Po Jé  - Eyelid


Sousi - Eyebrow


Figu / Figi / Visaj...

List of Useful Haitian Creole Expressions, Sentences, Phrases and Greetings

Feb 17, 2010


(This is an excerpt from "SakPaseLearnHaitianCreole Textbook by Mr. J. Charles.  Find more at


Ekspresyon Kréyòl Util / Useful Haitian Creole Expressions


****Ou Palé Kréyòl?  (Do you speak Creole?) ****

Wi. M palé Kréyòl.  Non. M pa palé Kréyòl (Yes, I...

Feb 9, 2010

HaitianCreoleMP3 Podcast offers Lesson #5 (Leccion #5)

Enjoy it now




If you have time, visit for new ways of learning Haitian Creole in no time and on the Go!

HaitianCreoleMP3 Review, Vocabulary, Greetings, Pleasantries, Introductions, "How do you do?"

Feb 9, 2010


Here is what you are going to find in Lesson 5.  


Encuentren lo que van a encontrar en la leccion 5


Tanpri / Silvouplè - Please, por favor

Mèsi anpil - thank you very much, muchas gracias

Mèsi - thank you, gracias

Pa Gen Pwoblèm - No Problem, no problema

Byenvenu nan - welcome to, bienvenido a

Bonjou -...