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Jan 14, 2018

Getting to know people:  People and things, the members of the family etc. 

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Jun 4, 2011

L'affaire DSK continues to create a lot of interest all over the world, specially in New York, Paris, and Conakry, Guinee. More and more people are interested in learning French. This is why http://frenchlessonpodcast.libsyn.comhas created a few podcast episodes on the vocabulary related to the indictment and eventual...

PubIt by Published These Haitian Creole Textbooks

Apr 24, 2011

Haitian Creole Book Titles Published by These books are in English and Haitian Creole and Spanish and Haitian Creole

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Welcome to La Baguette French Lesson! Free French Lesson For Your Travels to French-Speaking Countries

Jan 13, 2011

We would like to welcome you to our French Lesson Podcast today.  La Baguette French Lesson exists to help you learn one of the most beautiful languages of the world.  We will focus mostly on the influence of French in the Americas,  Le Français en Amérique!  We will take a look at the role and world of Francophonie...