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30 Minutes Before Death: Kevin Levin's eBooks on Paul Walker's Tragic Death, Charitable Work, Reach Out World Wide and Fast and Furious Movie

Jan 4, 2014

Kevin Levin wrote this ebook, "Paul Walker, an Angel Up in Heaven..." which has become an immediate bestseller on Amazon Kindle or Kindle Digital Publishing (KDP).

Book Sypnosis and Summary:

Purchase a copy of 'Paul Walker's Spirit, an Angel Up in Heaven...'.

See Paul Walker's Mourners, Friends, Co-stars such as...

Protesting for Justice and Reconciliation: Two great ebooks, Great Summer Readings: The Talk - Elements of the Black Parents' Talk and Walking While Black...

Jul 23, 2013

Two great ebooks: "The Talk" - Elements of the Black Parents' Talk: A Critical Set of Commonsense Life Lessons and Generational Conversation Topics for the Survival of Black.... (The Talk: Elements of the Black Parents' Talk....)

Book Review:

"“The Talk” - Elements of the Black Parents’ Talk: A Critical Set of...

Non-naked Olympians Carried on the Bull Horns: The Running of the Bulls and Olympic Drive to Olympia and Sparta

Jul 9, 2013

Purchase your copy of Kevin Levin's new ebook "The Running of the Bulls and Olympic Drive to Olympia and Sparta" right on this link.

Book Review:

The Eight Days of the Running of the Fighting Bulls:The revelers rise. So does the sun. It’s time for the running of the bulls once again. They are wearing the right...