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Quakes and Tsunamis! Where Were You? Ki Kote Nou Te Ye? Donde Estuvieron? ....Haitian and New Zealand Children's Prayers for Japanese Children

Mar 22, 2011


Book Review

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"Earthquakes & Tsunamis: Where Were You? Ki Kote Nou Te Ye?....Haitian Children Quake Survivors' Prayers for Japanese Children is a children's and Young Adult (YA) book. Where Were You? Ki Kote Nou Te Ye? Dónde Estuvieron? Earthquakes, Tsunami Stories, and Prayers...

Mar 7, 2011

Welcome to the 2011 WordMarketCarnival! "2011 Word Market Carnival: 101 Haitian Creole Exercises That Help Improve Speaking and Reading Skills" The texts that accompany this episode are posted on the following blogs:,,

Introduction to Haitian Creole Teaching and Learning: Haitian Creole Basics, Books, Ebooks, Creole Course and Classes

Mar 1, 2011

Here is some General Information on Creole languages in General and specifically on Haitian Creole (This information is gleaned from different sources on Internet such as, Learn HaitianCreole with, etc.):