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Pa Ponpe Sou Kabann Nan - Stop Jumping on the Bed (Bilingual Chidren's Story in Creole and English)

Aug 20, 2011

Bilingual Story Delivered in PDF: This children's story is written in English and Haitian Creole. Use Paypal to Purchase a copy now:

Review of the ebook

Pa Ponpe Sou Kabann nan! – Stop Jumping on the Bed! - No Salten en la Cama!is the story of six siblings: Lili, Lala, Lolo, Lila, Lola and Lele who could never...

Quakes and Tsunamis! Where Were You? Ki Kote Nou Te Ye? Donde Estuvieron? ....Haitian and New Zealand Children's Prayers for Japanese Children

Mar 22, 2011


Book Review

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"Earthquakes & Tsunamis: Where Were You? Ki Kote Nou Te Ye?....Haitian Children Quake Survivors' Prayers for Japanese Children is a children's and Young Adult (YA) book. Where Were You? Ki Kote Nou Te Ye? Dónde Estuvieron? Earthquakes, Tsunami Stories, and Prayers...