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Haitian Chants of Hope, Faith, and Confidence CD: The Most Popular Hymns That Build Haitians' Spiritual Strength

Jun 25, 2011

Haitian Chants of Hope, Faith, and Confidence CD

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Here is a list of the songs sung A Cappella. Now get all of these great hymns on one CD sung in A Cappella

1. Chantons Du Sauveur La Tendresse

2. Entre Tes Mains, J'abandonne Tout Ce Que J'appelle Mien

3. A Toi la gloire, O...

Mark J. Ferrero and Charlene C. Bouvier Shared Their Favorite Haitian Chants of Hope and Faith in "Alleluia Haitian Chants...Praise to Thee, O Lord, King of Eternal Glory.."

Jun 15, 2011

Here is the first review of this book, "Allelluia Haitian Chants of Hope and Faith: Praise to Thee, O Lord, King of Eternal a listing of the most requested songs or hymns on It is the web site users' and authors' selections of their favorite hymns from the famous Chants d'esperance...

Jun 4, 2011

Parler - to speak

Manger - to eat

Boire - to drink

Lire - to read

Comment va ta femme? How is your wife?

Quelles sont les nouvelles ? What's up?

Comment va ta femme ? How is your wife?

Comment va ton mari? How is your husband? etc, etc, etc.

Listen to the podcast to find more expressions

Jun 4, 2011

L'affaire DSK continues to create a lot of interest all over the world, specially in New York, Paris, and Conakry, Guinee. More and more people are interested in learning French. This is why http://frenchlessonpodcast.libsyn.comhas created a few podcast episodes on the vocabulary related to the indictment and eventual...