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The World Supports Brazil After Kiss Nightclub Tragedy: Time to Mourn But Carnival and 2014 Soccer World and 2016 Olympics Show Must Go on

Jan 28, 2013

After mourning the difficult losses, Brazilians will receive healing from Carnival Samba music, 2014 Soccer World Cup and 2016 Olympics which the land of the future will host. Authors Bruno Ferreira and Moreira C.J. Ferrero believe that Brazil will not disappoint the fans of the world's largest sport. FIFA and...

Jan 6, 2013

In this episode, find the following: (En este episodio, encuentren lo siguiente) – Men sa ki nan epizòd sa-a:

Los días de la semana – Jou semenn yo – Days of the week

Los meses y las estaciones del aňo – Mwa ak sezon ane yo – Months and seasons of the year

Extracto de / Excerpts from “Alo! Hola! Hello!:...

40 Chant D'esperance Francais, The Most Popular Haitian Christmas Song Lyrics

Jan 1, 2013

Chansons de Noël (Christmas Songs)

1. Dans les champs le berger veille

Aux approches due matin

Quand la brise à son oreille,

Apporte un écho lointain

Et tandis que tout rayonne

D’une soudaine clarté,

Plus forte la voix résonne

Du fond de l’immensité

Gloire à Dieu dans les hauts cieux

Paix aux hommes en tous...