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May 29, 2017

Legumes / Legim / Vegetable Stew

Vegetable Stew with eggplant, crabs, onions, pepper, etc.


A Brief Taste of Haiti:  Haitian Gastronomy, Haitian Food Culture

A Vignette of the Window into Top Haitian Foods, Haitian Chefs, Culture, and Recipes

Haitian cuisine is like the flowing together of two or three streams and rivers.  It is a confluence of many...

Feb 5, 2017

Let's Learn Haitian Creole Alphabet.  Listen (Koute)

Learn Haitian Creole in one Week

Purchase a copy of Learn Haitian Creole in One Week.

Wi tout moun ka aprann Kreyòl nan yon semèn - Yes everybody can learn Haitian Creole in one week.


Ki jan / Kòman / Kouman nou ka aprann lang sa a si vit? -  How can we learn this language so fast?


Si nou...

Dec 21, 2014

<p><a href="">"Finger-licking Haitian Recipes and Dishes</a> is a new book on Haitian dishes and recipes. It brings you information on why Haitians eat squash soup on January 1 every year.  If you want to enjoy Haitian fruits and vegetables, learn which ones you want to try first. ...

Hablemos el Criollo Haitiano / Let Us Speak Haitian Creole / Ann Pale Kreyol

Sep 18, 2011

Purchase a copy from Amazon Kindle:

Purchase a copy from Amazon Kindle:

Compren una copia de "Hablemos el Criollo Haitiano / Let us Speak Haitian Creole / Ann Pale Kreyol" from Amazon Kindle now

Product Description: You can get PDF copies of the booklet here:

Written in English, Spanish, Haitian Creole and some...

Bilingual Childrens Story: "Lili, Lala, and Lila Are Looking for a Servant Girl named Tifani Restavek After the Quake"

Oct 4, 2010

Three adventurous and well-off Haitian girls, Lili, Lala, and Lila set out to rescue a servant girl named Tifani Restavèk from a mean neighbor family who mistreats her and makes her do all kinds of forced labor while their own children, especially KansonFè IronPants, tease her while watching her work her heart out in...