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Haitian Hymns to Hope and Life: The Most Sung Hymns from Haitian, French, American, Canadian, and Caribbean Churches

Mar 14, 2012

Marcel D. Dubois's Most Popular, Most Sung Hymns Compilation

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Book Review:

"Haitian Hymns to Hope and Life For Your e-readers: Haitian/Canadian /American/French Churches’ Most Sung Hymns On Sunday Morning and Evening Services - Chants D’Espérance Français et Créoles for your e-readers" is a...

CDs to Sing a New Song and to Learn a New Language From CCNOW

Mar 8, 2012

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Disc Name: Haitian Chants of Hope Buy Now From CCNow



Disc ID: 3068 Disc Name: Most Popular Haitian Children's Church Choruses Buy Now From CCNow or


Disc ID: 3122 Disc Name:...