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Jean Boger Laferriere's "Alphabetical Haitian Creole Dictionary" Book Becomes a Bestseller

Jul 25, 2014

Learn Haitian Creole.  Find texts and vocabulary.

Author Jean Boger Laferriere has just released a brand new book which will help you find all the words you need to know. It's a lexicon/dictionary.

Purchase a print copy from Lulu right on this link

Purchase a PDF copy of Jean Boger Laferriere's book for much less

FreeCreole GrammarBook Brings You "Quick Haitian Creole Grammar Reference" Scheduled for Release in Two Months

Oct 17, 2010

Without any doubt, here is the most famous Haitian book. It is the Haitian Chants d'esperance in French and Creole! It is available at La Presse Evangelique in PetionVille, Haiti. It holds Haitians together in times of crisis. Haitian Christians are happy to share their hope with the world. We believe in Isaiah...

Sep 20, 2010

Listen to two free samples of Hymns or poems written specially to be performed. You can purchase a copy of this new Haitian hymn /poem book at

If you are interested in this new book, you can purchase a copy right on Presents - HaitianFrenchCreole Interpreting & Translating Services

Aug 27, 2010

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Pre-Order / Order Your Copy of 'Creole Builds Haiti / Kreyol Bati Ayiti: You Can Understand, Read, Write and Speak Kreyol'

Jul 12, 2010

"Creole Builds Haiti..." is a tribute to my former professor of Applied Linguistics at the Faculty of Applied Linguistics, UEH (Universite d'Etat d'Haiti), Mr. Pierre Vernet. I dedicated this workbook to his memory. He died doing what he loved best. He was teaching a class when the earthquake hit Haiti on Jan. 12, 2010....