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Aug 9, 2015

Listen to the reading of kitchen / cooking vocabulary and Bible in English, Spanish and Creole

Ciudadanos de Paises Que Usan "Que Tal? Sa-k Pase? N-ap Boule! Bien! Manual de Creole Haitiano Para Hispanohablantes..."

Nov 14, 2010

Encuentren los paises que estan usando,, y para aprender el Creole (Kreyol) Haitiano. Bajan lecciones gratis del podcast y del blog. Estas lecciones fueron preparadas con ellos en la mente.

Que Tal? Sa-k...

Nov 8, 2010

The vocabulary accompanying this podcast episode will be posted on,, and


You can also find vocabulary about home building in this textbook in Creole/Spanish, "Que Tal? S-ak Pase?...

Buy Your Copy of "Ann Pale Yon Ti Kreyol - Let's Speak a Little Creole (Kreyol Pou Timoun ak Granmoun)

Sep 3, 2010

"Ann Pale Yon Ti Kreyol: Let's Speak a Little Creole - Kreyol Pou Timoun ak Granmoun: (Haitian Creole for Children and Grownups) is written to help those who want to learn Creole on the go. Both children and grownups will be able to use it and learn the Haitian language in a fast pace. It contains flash card-like...