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Aug 9, 2020


Zoom Kreyòl: Nou ka aprann Kreyòl PlopPlop sou Zoom

Zoom Kreyòl: You can learn Haitian Creole in no time on Zoom

Zoom pèmèt ou aprann Kreyòl fasil, Taptap, avèk jwa epi san dlo nan je

Zoom allows you to learn Haitian Creole easily, fast, joyfully and without tears.

Kounye a avèk Zoom, nou ka aprann yon lòt...

Sep 24, 2016

Communication assistance for Haitian Migrants, Social Workers, and Authorities

Some Haitian migrants left Haiti by walking, catching a tap tab or taxi, and traveling by bus to DR where they caught a flight to Panama.  From Panama, they traveled to Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Brasil.  Some of them were granted a work...

Feb 22, 2015

Learn Haitian Creole and Listen to News on 2015 Haitian Carnival, Accident and Cancellation.