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Jan 2, 2022

Haitians are proud of their soup joumou / pumpkin soup.  UNESCO has just awarded protected cultural heritage to soup joumou.  Joumou soup is a hearty blend of pumpkin, potatoes, squash, beef, chili peppers and other things.

Go to these resources:

Find out how to prepare Soup joumou.

Haitian Gastronomy and Haitian...

Aug 9, 2020


Zoom Kreyòl: Nou ka aprann Kreyòl PlopPlop sou Zoom

Zoom Kreyòl: You can learn Haitian Creole in no time on Zoom

Zoom pèmèt ou aprann Kreyòl fasil, Taptap, avèk jwa epi san dlo nan je

Zoom allows you to learn Haitian Creole easily, fast, joyfully and without tears.

Kounye a avèk Zoom, nou ka aprann yon lòt...

Nov 4, 2018


You can choose to read along with us by purchasing a copy of "Krik? Krak!  Haitian Storytelling Sessionhere on Barnes and Noble or  

You can also buy your copy of "Krik? Krak!...Short Story Reading in Creole and English - Lekti Ti istwa an Kreyòl ak Anglè" from...

Oct 15, 2018


Welcome to this new story about hurricane and earthquake.  It's a story about what the survivors had to go through and the first responders who rescue them.  This story is written in two languages.  However, its title is in 4 languages.  

If you are interested in reading the whole story, you can obtain a copy on...

Apr 8, 2018

Where to Find the textbook accompanying this episode:


 You can find this textbook right on this site:

You can also find it on


 Men Kèk non bèt - Here are the...