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Pre-Order / Order Your Copy of 'Creole Builds Haiti / Kreyol Bati Ayiti: You Can Understand, Read, Write and Speak Kreyol'

Jul 12, 2010

"Creole Builds Haiti..." is a tribute to my former professor of Applied Linguistics at the Faculty of Applied Linguistics, UEH (Universite d'Etat d'Haiti), Mr. Pierre Vernet. I dedicated this workbook to his memory. He died doing what he loved best. He was teaching a class when the earthquake hit Haiti on Jan. 12, 2010. His remains were found among his students.

I dedicated "Creole Builds Haiti" blog to his memory. All the information regarding this workbook will be published on this blog.

If you want to order your copies of this textbook, please do so here. Mr. Vernet encouraged all of his students to produce books and other documents written in Haitian Creole in order to promote the language. We hope to think we are doing so here on this blog.

Pre-order or order your copy right on this blog. (This workbook will be officially released by the end of July or just around the beginning of August, 2010.